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Unhappy Dangerously close to being duped.. again

Hi All,
First, thank you all so much for your insight and wisdom with all things related to the Honda Insight. There is a ton of great advice and information from this forum and I’m thankful for that.

As my title suggests, my wife and I were seriously duped when we purchased our 2016 Honda Pilot Elite. We paid for all of the bells and whistles not realizing we didn’t need any of the items being offered to us by the dealer.

We had the phantom footprint, Honda care, oil checks prepaid, Ding shield, etc. Basically, a giant bullseye on our backs.

It was our first time purchasing a brand new car, with a new baby, and we were thinking of worse case scenarios when purchasing. We found the forum after of course and felt so stupid...

We LOVE our pilot, and we are now seriously considering the insight as our daily commuter.

However, based on the pilot buying experience, I’m so inclined to not get ANYTHING at all extra added to the car. I just do not think it is worth it for the money we are going to spend on a new insight.

This is our first time looking at a hybrid, specifically and I’m hoping to get some advice from those already with experience.

Am I crazy for not wanting to add anything extra at all?
My goal, if reasonable, would be to get the insight touring trim below all out the door, below msrp. I’m in the Bay Area (Northern California) for reference.

It’s sort of hit or miss on the Honda care extended warranty since some forum users suggest purchasing, others say it’s not worth it.

What do you all think? Thanks for your time and advice.
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Check your state regs. Many of the Insight's systems are covered for well beyond the 3/36 warranty. For instance, the HV battery iis covered for 8 years in NJ. I did but the extended warranty since the 2019 was the first year of the gen3 Insight. I've had zero problems so far (except the self-inflicted kind), but still feel the warranty was a good deal. The only thing I'd add to the Insight is a tempory spare kit since it only comes with a compressor and fix-a-flat - and you can get the whole temporary setup from a junk yard form any GenX Civic.

Beyond that, there's not much else you'd want except for cosmetic stuff which you can but aftermarket.

Good lock!

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I think the only "option" we chose was the Insight weather floor mats because we got like 50% off at time of purchase.

There aren't any options that are "must have" in my opinion, the only want is a true spare tire for the majority of us. If your dealership offers a discount on items, chose wisely, they aren't taking a loss and many things can still be found at the same cost or cheaper aftermarket.

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I purchased the 2020 insight touring and it came with a few extras standard which I was just like whatever...

Came with wheel locks and door guards which are literally pointless...

All the extended warranty/undercoating/sealants I passed on. My previous vehicle was broken into in 2018 and I'm considering installing a security system myself but they said I'd lose my warranty... I'm not so sure about that...

It pays to stop around. I think the MSRP of the insight touring is around $29,2-29,7 with the door guards and wheel locks. Found one in virginia without those options but the touring trim going for $25,5. I was able to negotiate down to $25,2. After all the fees, I was out the door around $26,5. I thought it was a decent deal...
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I think you're now more informed and clearer on what you want, so hopefully will have a better experience this time around.

The Insight already has a lot of features standard and doesn't require much upgrade. Many of us are happy with the standard EX trim, and it's the top-selling trim for the Insight. You might find it easier to negotiate on a Touring trim given the EX's popularity, but maybe think about if you really want/need the features of the higher trim. Some perspective on LX/EX purchase instead of Touring is in the following thread - https://www.gen3insight.com/forum/30...d-touring.html

Another thread also offers some forum perspective on accessories that you can decide whether are 'must haves' for you or not - https://www.gen3insight.com/forum/56...w-buy-not.html

As @hasarad mentioned, being aware of what's already covered/included by warranties is helpful info to have in advance of purchase. Being in California (along with 14 other states), your new car purchase qualifies for 'Extended Emissions Warranty.' Emissions components covered by this are detailed in this parts & systems list, side-by-side with the standard Federal coverage. - https://www.gen3insight.com/forum/11380-post56.html

You may have already seen in the Touring pricing thread these lowest OTD prices in California, which can be a benchmark for your shopping:
- 28600 OTD - @jj38 (San Francisco, CA)
- 28668 OTD - @snagasawa310 (Los Angeles, CA)
- 29000 OTD - @bryan (San Jose, CA)

And lowest prices for the Touring outside of California:
- 26600 OTD - @matttelz (DC)
- 26690 OTD - @cganesh (TN)
- 26730 OTD - @pasei (MA)
- 26900 OTD - @autotech (IL)
- 26901 OTD - @BlueSerenity (MD)

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The one thing I suggest that you do when buying a car is to get a quote for the "out the door" price: that means the costs of the car and all the fees and taxes. Without that it might sound like uou are getting a good deal and then all that other stuff gets added on.

Also, once you know what you want, ask for quotes online to different dealers in your area. Make the dealer work for your business.

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The things the finance office sells you are huge profit makers for the dealership. Even if you want it you can make a decision after you bring the car home. I recommend checking out https://fightingchance.com/. Read up on everything and decide if you want to purchase James Bragg's step by step guide. He's also available by email/phone if you need help during the whole buying process. I buy his guide each time before I buy a new car and it has saved me more money than what he ask for his package. The general idea is to ask for bid proposals from all of the dealerships you're willing to drive to and let the dealerships bid for your purchase in a sort of reverse auction.

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FYI. Check your state DMV laws. DC has a "high efficiency vehicle tax credit" where vehicles over like 42mpg combined are EXCLUDED FROM SALES TAX and the registration and title fees are like 1/3 of regular. That was my #1 reason for buying the vehicle! Saved like $2k with that alone.
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Originally Posted by andrew28 View Post
The things the finance office sells you are huge profit makers for the dealership.
What he said.

We purchased our Insight Touring through the Costco program, and it was all relatively painless until we got into the finance office. We got the hard sell on all sorts of different service plans, extended warranties, etc... that ended up with me telling the finance guy politely "I already said no twice" on one of them while my wife rolled her eyes.

Our out-the-door price was $26k going in to his office, but his initial pitch would have driven up the price of our car by $3500 bucks. I know the dealer did not make much $$ off of us via the sale, and I figure the finance guy was trying to make it up with add-ons. Some of those things might make sense (pre-paid oil changes and maintenance plans, for instance, for someone who doesn't do that themselves and lives close to the dealer). Some make no sense at all (insurance packages that would end up costing $2500 over 5 years).

Why would I buy an extended warranty on a wear item like tires, for instance?

The bottom line is the sales person is selling you a Honda product, backed with Honda warranties. The finance guy is selling you aftermarket, non-Honda things that increase the dealer's profit margins on the sale of the vehicle. The dealer has a huge incentive to get you to buy those things, but as a consumer there is no reason at all for you to buy any of them.
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I agree with Andrew on the Fighting Chance. I've used it on a number of vehicles, including my 2019 Insight LX, and it's saved me lots.
It only costs $50 for the package, and if you want to compare one car with another, he'll sell you the second package for much cheaper.
Good Luck!
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