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  1. 2019+ Honda Insight Accessories And Add Ons
    According to this article, Crutchfield recommends the current draw on your battery to be less than 30 amperes when installing an amplifier to a hybrid vehicle. "When selecting an amplifier to install in your hybrid vehicle, check the total fuse rating of the ones you’re interested in. If the...
  2. 2019+ Honda Insight Features and Equipment
    My apologies if any of these have been asked and answered! Here goes - all questions related to ANC (I have a 2019 Touring, if that matters): Lots of talk in these forums about disabling ANC. My question is, why do people disable it? Does ANC mess with the quality of the audio system (or...
  3. 2019+ Honda Insight User Interface
    I have a 2019 ex and I want to add a complete new sound system without replacing the headunit. I know I’m going to run an AC DQ-61 dsp but I’ve found some conflicting things about drawing more than 30 amps from the subsequent amplifiers(I’m thinking my system I want to put in will have 90 amps...
1-3 of 3 Results