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  1. 2019+ Powertrain and Technical Discussion
    I have seen many videos explaining the EVAP systems. But none of them have this module.. What does this module do?
  2. 2019+ Honda Insight Range, MPGE And Economy
    I have 2 codes, Where is this valve? P24C1 Vacuum switching valve stuck open and P1462 (which i cant find what is for, it supposed to be emission related as well... but google shows as Air conditioner pressure.) When the check engine is On the engine vibrates, but when I reset the light...
  3. 2019+ Honda Insight Complaints, Issues & Problems
    So on my 2021 EX. I have changed the Fuel canister to solve P24C1 "Canister Valve stuck close." and well I am still getting these two codes. the second code P1462 I think is for the same Evap leak issue. but my cheap computer says is an air conditioner pressure issue. When the check engine is...
  4. 2019+ Honda Insight Range, MPGE And Economy
    where os the fuel canister located exactly on the Insight 3gen? I have a 2021 with this evap code. Evap leak Canister Valve stuck closed I saw the canister on google and there is no valve so I called the dealer and they said is part of the canister, so I have to replaced it all. also the...
1-4 of 4 Results