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  1. 2019+ Honda Owners Registry & Check In Area
    This is my first car and I haven't had a chance to test drive yet so I'm excited but nervous! If anyone short (I'm 5' 2") could chime in on if they feel they have adequate visibility, that would be wonderful. Also, the only color my dealer could get was red- can anyone comment on how the ivory...
  2. Interior
    Hello all, I just started placing my Insight's halogens with some LEDs. Using my phone's light sensor I found that with one front light on the light level went from being 16lux (if I remember correctly) all the way to 30-32lux. Twice as bright. However, when I moved the exact same bulb to the...
  3. 2019+ Honda Insight Accessories And Add Ons
    Goodmorning/Goodevening peeps! i just purchased my new 2022 Honda Insight and I’m trying to find these spoilers/deck lid spoilers for my insight but can’t seem to find for purchase online. If anyone can help me get a hold of this kind or the Mugen kind, would be greatly appreciated 💙💙 btw I’m...
1-4 of 4 Results