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I have a 2000 Honda Insight that I bought July 2017. I love the car!! It handles nice, it's quick and fun to drive. It's a five speed and has 261k miles on it. It has some bugs with the IMA so I have to disconnect and reconnect the battery every now and then but otherwise.... Great to drive. I'm in PA and we have lots of hills and the roads can be rough but I average 56 to 60 mpg. I drive 37 miles to and from work every day. Saves me tons!!! I buy another one in a heartbeat!

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Hi, Chuck. It sounds like you've bought a cherry Gen1 Insight and are enjoying it so far. It's a great sign that Honda's original model is still running strong and delivering great fuel efficiency ~20 years later!

Honda had a ~5 year gap in Insight production between the end of Gen2 (2014 model year) and the start of Gen3 (2019 model year). There was a significant change in platform and technology between those years, so this forum is about the new aspects of the Gen3. In this "Gen3 Insight forum" you'll find that info and discussion focuses on the Gen3 Insight (2019+ model year), which was released by Honda in ~July 2018. For perspective, the following is a summary of Honda Insight 'generations' to date:

Insight Gen / Model Year / Japanese Identifier
Gen 1 = 1999 - 2006 = ZE1
Gen 2a = 2009 - 2011 = ZE2
Gen 2b = 2011 - 2014 = ZE3
Gen 3 = 2019 - TBA = ZE4
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