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I have owned 3 insights now. A 2000, 2002 and currently a 2006.
The 2002 broke a Cam at 238,000 Mi. sounds like a good run.
I bought a cherry of a 2006 with 104,000 Mi. and the Cam shaft broke.

Just wondered if this was a common problem. Looking for some relief, maybe from Honda on a known problem?

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This question is tough to answer in this forum, which is focused on owners of the Gen3 Insight which just started selling in Jun 2018. Only a few forum members have >20k miles at this point, and no camshaft issues reported yet. The Gen3 powertrain is covered for 5 yrs / 60k and in theory for what it's worth, Honda's press kit for the Gen3 2019 Insight claims: "The cam drive is maintenance free throughout the life of the engine."
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