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Costly Moves Not Needed... Just make it a (refined) Honda

I don't think Honda needs to make drastic, costly moves with the Insight 3.

But it needs to be a Honda, and the previous generations were not. Insight 1 was a great science project and Insight 2 was -sorry- too much of a Prius clone.

Insight 3 needs to exist somewhere between the Civic and the Accord, with additional refinements that make it a delight to own so people will get past any fear of hybrid complexity. I think Honda planners are on to this.

The only thing I hope Honda doesn't cheap out on is sound insulation. Yes, that adds weight and robs mpg, but NOTHING says "cheap car" like a loud interior.

And Honda is a prime offender. I say this because my family has a 2016 Honda Odyssey and a 2017 Honda Fit. I expect this out of the Fit, but the Odyssey is loud inside, and we've driven it from Texas to South Dakota and back.

I will say that the Clarity seemed pretty quiet when I drove it, so that bodes well.

Here's hoping!
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