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3 Month Update

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I bought my Insight late September 2018 -- a white Touring model.

So far I'm loving the car. I've put less than $100 in gas in it (former SUV took $40 a week)... Every fill up has been around $15!

Car drives beautifully and I have come to appreciate the right turn / blind spot camera. I wish there were one on the left (or a blind spot indicator). I understand the Japanese models have the latter....

The only other negative (aside from the left blind spot) is the low clearance on the car. I scraped it once on a parking block and am now very wary of parking... Turning onto some roads where one road is higher than the other also can cause me to "bottom out." I'm concerned that I may damage something just through normal driving!

Other than those two things no complaints.
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It's only been a week for me and I'm still trying to familiarize with how wide the car is so the tires don't scrape a curb when I park. As for low clearance roads or entry ways, I either use an alternate route, or proceed slowly based on previous experience with my Civic.

I have my lane watch camera off(so it doesn't interrupt navigation), I just prefer using the side mirrors, can't see much with it at night anyways.
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