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Also My First Honda

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Traded in my 2014 Santa Fe. It was my second Santa Fe. The first one was a 6 cylinder and the 2014 was a 4 cylinder that I got to save on fuel costs. I was very happy with the savings and the 113,000 kms I got with the 2014, only having to put oil and gas in the thing.

I drive about 30,000 kms/year and was looking to save even more on fuel.

Holy Crap! Is all I can say. So far my fuel costs are half of the 4 cylinder Hyundai Santa Fe.

The tech features blow the Santa Fe away......great looking car, push button start, keyless entry/ remote start, adaptive cruise, Apple Carplay, Honda safety features, .....plugging my iPhone in gives me GPS on the display.

I had almost 500kms on it, pulled into the gas station to top up....back to 803 km range....$24 Canadian. It's like filling up price when I was a teenager again!

The crazy part....the 2018 Santa Fe was going to be $2000 Canadian more than my 2019 Insight. Luckily a car enthusiast co worker of mine had spotted this new Honda on the lot and recommended I give it a look. So far I am a convert big time.....just hoping the reliability matches what I had with Hyundai.

The only thing I will miss is the extra cargo space with the SUV, but the trunk is a pretty decent size.
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