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I swear there is a place where people have been discussing the infotainment system crashing/rebooting but I could not find it, so I started a new thread.

Short story, AA crashing is related to the USB connection. Here is the long story.

I have has the whole system crash/reboot a few times. Before and after the rear camera update. Nothing consistent. Most times it is soon after starting the car and frequently if I try to interact with it as soon as the display comes on. This thread is more about Android Auto.

My setup: Insight Touring, Samsung S8 Active with USB C (reversible).
I just started my first long drive, from San Francisco to Des Moines. When I started, I was using the car's navigation and radio. For the first hour all was good. Then I got too far from the radio station. I switched to Android Auto with Google Maps and Google Play.

First problem that I noticed is that I was dictating a lot of texts. Normal is: OK Google, Text wife, Only 8 more hours of driving. Only 8 more hours of driving, send it or change it? Send it. But if I flip on my right turn signal (right lane view takes over the display) during that exchange, it is canceled and I must start over.

Second Problem. I started noticing that about 50% of the time, when I cancel my right turn signal, Android Auto seems to crash. Normal is: Cancel turn signal > Right Lane View turns off > Android Auto transition from the bottom of the display. What I call a crash is: Cancel turn signal > Right Lane View turns off > display is blank and takes time to repaint, relocate my car on the map, etc. Takes perhaps 10 seconds. Curriously, Google Play Music never gets interrupted. I wonder if that is actually bluetoothed vs streaming through the USB connection.

Third Problem, after another hour I notice that my Android Auto has started crashing every 10 seconds or so. Goes black, repaints everything, goes black again. At this point I flip my USB C connection on my phone. Android Auto does not crash again for many hours. I think I have found the problem. A flakey USB cable. Some time later Android Auto starts crashing again. Because I have gotten in and out of the car a few times, I suspect that I've flipped the USB C connection. I pay attention to which side the label is on and keep that side up. In due time it happens again. I flip the cable and now I think I know which side is the good side. More hours and Android Auto is crashing again on the good side. Now I simply jiggle the connection and the crashing stops. I've got about 15 more hours of driving in the next two days. I'll let you know if anything changes.

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It's probably worth starting another (new/separate) thread for infotainment reboot, but adding here for now since mentioned here. Prior mentions of infotainment reboot are woven into other discussions.

To bring things together, here are a few other threads where infotainment reboot are previously mentioned: (post #10)
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