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Found in the manual that you can lower all the windows with the remote (press unlock, then press and hold). But I don't see a way to raise them. So if I hit this, I have to get in the car and work each switch to raise them again. Or am I missing something?
It does say you can close them with the physical key, just doesn't say anything about doing it with the remote..

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If you double click unlock and then hold the unlock button, the windows and sunroof open. Nice on a hot day for sure.
Welcome to the forum, and thanks for adding the tip. As a complement to opening the windows with the fob, closing the windows and moonroof can be done by turning the physical key (found/released from the base of key fob) to the left. Closing can't be done via fob presumably for safety reasons (i.e. Honda wants you to visually see/confirm nothing is in the path of closing the window or moonroof).

The physical key can also be used to open the windows and moonroof by turning it to the right... though the fob is much easier to use from a distance.
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