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I read on the Meguiar's site that this product is for unpainted plastic surfaces. Is that applicable for this situation? My son parks Simcoe outside now, so he's got the beginnings of the same problem.
The black trim pieces on the car are matte plastic and not painted. Painted would be like the front lower bumper, rear bumper, and side mirror top colored housing.
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I was using 303 UV Protectant the past few years. It works great until it rains and the coating washes away. Then I would need to apply it again.

I bought the Meguiar's Ceramic Trim Restore back in July and I think it held up over the Summer pretty good. Here's what it looks like right now on the B pillar. I've been maintaining the exterior plastic for awhile with 303 so the plastic on my car wasn't as heavily oxidized to begin with.
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For anyone that needs a more heavy duty solution. Mother's Back to Black Cleaner Kit + Meguiar's Ceramic Restore product would be what you'll need.

If you do restore it with the trim restorer, try finding something that you can apply afterwards to protect it, like a ceramic wax.
Meguiar's Ceramic Trim restore will restore and maintain the condition for awhile since it contains ceramic. You don't want to apply car wax of any kind on black plastic. The wax will embed into the pores of the plastic leaving a faded white look.
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