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I was surprised by the choices made when selecting the options that have been offered in Canada.
I realize Canada is a smaller market, and can not have all the options offered in the US.

I am specifically concerned with the tire size, and it's effect on fuel efficiency, and cost.

In the US market, there are 3 models LX, EX, and Touring

The LX and EX are offered with 215 / 55 R16 93V tires, which give the car 55 US mpg city.
The touring has the 215 / 50 R17 91H tires, which give the car 51 US mpg city. ( A 7% reduction)

The LX or EX can be upgraded to the 215 / 50 R17 91H less efficient tire at a cost of $2,077 USD ($2,742 CAD)

The Canadian market only has the EX, and Touring.
Both the EX and touring models can only be ordered with the 215 / 50 R17 91H tires.

This has two very undesirable effects.

Fuel Efficiency
The 17" tire achieves only 4.61 l/100km, compare to the 16", which gets 4.28.
From the OEE web site, this drops the ranking from 3rd place, to 7th place.

4.28l/100km beats the Prius at 4.3 l/100km

By making the 17" wheel an add on option, the base standard fuel efficiency improves greatly.

By removing the mandatory add on upgrade of $2,742, the price of the base model would drop from $27,990 to $25,248 (The prius costs 27,650)
So this would be another great win.

I can not think of a solid reason not to make the 17" upgrade an option on the base model, like the US model.
People buy hybrids for fuel efficiency, not 17" tires

I have not yet purchased an Insight, and may hold off until 2019 in case they reverse this decision.

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Larger tires and differences on rolling resistance sure can affect fuel either direction. Overall weight does for sure. The weights of the US versions are LX = 2987 lbs. EX = 3000 lbs. and Touring = 3078 lbs. The extra weight of the larger wheels accounts for around 17 pounds of that. I would think the tires on the 17 might weigh slightly less. So the rest of the extra weight is the Moonroof, leather, etc. the other interesting stat is that the weight distribution of the Insight moves slightly rearward as the trim levels increase. I like my 17s and moonroof, and don’t mind trading a couple mpg for them, but I don’t understand why both levels in Canada would come with 17s standard.
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