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Bought our 2021 Insight just over a year ago and what was one of the nicest cars I've ever owned turned into something I didn't want to drive anymore.

First rattle was the battery door in the center console. Trial and error found it was one of the small blue tabs that would rattle. Removing that and adding some foam weather stripping took care of it.
Then came the passenger seat - plastic cover under the seat by the door started rattling.
Then the drivers air vent. Adjusting the vent stops it, for a few minutes anyways. Rinse and repeat.
Dash has a rattle, touch the top on the passenger side it stops. For a while.
Worst one has become the center console, seems to be where the two sections meet between the shifter buttons and cup holder. Gotten to the point I have to drive holding the console to keep it quiet.

Very frustrating and expected better quality from Honda. Had no issues in my '15 Civic. I have 22 year old chevys that don't creak and rattle like this.

Local dealership has had the car for the last week where they've been looking into the noises. Tech said he found & fixed passenger seat, thinks he got the center console also. Still working on the air vent and others. The car is also in for a screen glitching issue (3rd time). Expecting them to have the car well into next week. I do have to say so far the dealership has been surprisingly really good to work with on this. I hope they're able to find some solutions, sounds like interior creaks may be an issue with this gen of Hondas.

On a side note was given an 22 HRV as a loaner. Not a huge fan of the cute-ute but I get why people buy them. Having the extra cargo room is handy - even went and picked up a new desk for my son the other day. Unfortunately it is a gutless wonder, and with the CVT there is zero consistency with acceleration. Sometimes it takes off with the slightest press and others foot to the floor and nothing... not safe in my opinion. I guess I am looking forward to getting the Insight back.

Curious if others have had success with Honda fixing interior issues.

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I would expect your greater number of noises (other than the seat panel and common vent rattle) has more to do with the fact your dash was taken apart to replace the instrument display. Which means most noises were caused by the dealer, not crappy Honda quality.

My 2019 with 73k is quiet. I have had the vent crinkling paper noise but setting it a certain way stops the noise. I do have a door panel rattle caused by heavy bass but I attribute that to installing better speakers and not shaving down the plastic by the speaker enclosure as suggested.
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There was a period during covid when Honda forced office employees with no experience assembling vehicles to work the factory floor. Marysville Honda Plant Forces Office Employees To Work The Assembly Line

Rising cost, chip shortage, and finding enough employees most likely had an impact on vehicle quality the past 2 years and not just at Honda. Pretty sure the companies supplying parts to the automakers are cutting corners to meet demand, too.

You're lucky to have a dealership willing to assist with creaks and rattles. Just make sure they have everything fix before your 3 year warranty expires.

My 2019 Insight only experience some dash rattle when it's really cold but it goes away once the cabin warms up. Most likely from plastic being less flexible when cold.
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