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Dealer Prank?
So my car arrived in Orlando on Tuesday morning and I was told it would be ready Thursday to pick up. But first things first...

I negotiated out of the protection package for a spoiler and other items. Really wanted to personalize it with the trunk spoiler. Besides, I've never seen one in person and only 1 online. They agreed pending the sale and 5 day wait regarding their return policy. I could then have the spoiler installed.

So I get a text Wednesday afternoon from my salesman, a guy who has been fantastic to us historically through 4 previous purchases(my wife 2 cars, and myself 2). He says the car has a blemish on the trunk lid and will be going to the body shop, and likely wiil be not ready until next week. I get another text from his sales manager apologizing and reassuring me the car will be made right.

Today, I get a text from my salesman with these pics saying the car is ready and can now be picked up tomorrow.

Thoughts on the possible Prank?
Thoughts on the look? View attachment 7467
View attachment 7466
Thanks to your photos of the Spoiler , I ordered one had it installed this week
looks fantastic ... Honda should give you a commission LOL
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