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So, my son took a head-to-head hit at his soccer game today. He's okay after 17 stitches and a mild concussion. The Insight, however, did not fare so well.

Any tips for getting blood out of a cloth ivory headrest? If only Husky made seat covers along with their floor-mats.

Performance-wise, the Insight did pretty well boogey-ing from the field to the hospital.

So, how to remove blood?
Wow... glad your son is okay. As far as the interior goes, it's lucky if it's just your headrest since it can be removed for "deep" cleaning, or can be replaced in worst case (<$60). Also since your interior is ivory/light, some of the 'powder' cleaning suggestions below may be less obvious.

Initial suggestions which I've applied myself on other cloth interiors:
1 - Blot/dab without rubbing while stain is fresh.
2 - Avoid hot water and heat which can set the stain deeper.
3 - Try saltwater + toothbrush + blotting to remove more of the stain.
4 - Try repeat cycles of dish soap / liquid solution, and lifting stain with water-wet cloth for additional blotting.

Other suggestions:
I've read about using a baking soda paste, meat tenderizer paste, or hydrogen peroxide as additional cleaners (separately) but haven't had to resort to them nor tried them since my cloth interiors were gray. If these cleaners didn't work and I had one of those 'spot scrubbing steam cleaner' vacuums, I might try one of those if I could stabilize the headrest in a fixed position for long enough. And if it still didn't look how I wanted, I'd try to find an interior detailer for advice or break down and order a new headrest.

Good luck!
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