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This car is a little more electric than most and so some of the maintenance items that are no longer really necessary like transmission fluid changes should shift to electrical type maintenance.

I inserted Zerust Plastab VCI emitters in the two under hood fuse panels. The manufacturer cautions about placing these in direct contact with copper, but I found spots for them easily. See attachments.
You could take this a step further and place a descecant in those as well.

Then I shot all the underhood grounding terminals I could find with an aerosol dielectric grease to prevent water and salt from getting in and causing the green death. This will be the hardest battle moving forward. All these connections are bare metal crimps with no heat-shrink or over molding so they will absolutely cause trouble in the future.

I used the dielectric grease on the brake line connections as well. Mixing steel and aluminum parts, flooding them with a hygroscopic fluid and adding years of salt spray will take a toll on them. Given its complexity, the braking system will be difficult to repair even if it isn't crusty.

I'm going to make the the dielectric grease application a part of the oil change routine.


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