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I've gotten the following emails from Honda before and this is at least the second time where there isn't actually an update. (I'm running the latest 2023.10 (July 14, 2022) as confirmed at the Garmin webpage: Honda Insight 2019 and Newer Map Update and/or Purchase Instructions | Garmin Customer Support. But is it a case just that Honda sent out the email too soon? Car didn't have a notification of an update.

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What is also somewhat annoying is that I plug in my flash drive and the car isn't smart enough to realize that the map left on the drive from last time is already the one it has. I guess it assumes you want to reinstall it. I see progress tick to about just over 10% then all of the sudden it is done (maybe realizing - hey this is the same as what I got).

So maybe a shorter way of doing updates is:
  • if you already have done an update before and still have the flash drive, skip forward
  • that would mean your Garmin Express desktop already has your car profile
  • go to Garmin Express and check if there's an update (flash drive not required since it knows your car profile)
  • if no update. Stay indoors and save yourself being cold in the car and running the engine for no good reason.

If Garmin Express confirmed there was an update, it'd prompt you for the drive - which you have ready, then you can take it out to the car for installation.

Second time now being "tricked" into installing the same map over what I had in the car. In the end, it just doesn't need to be so complicated.
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