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Hi to everyone. Picked up my touring in Crimson Pearl with black interior on Friday. Very few miles so far, but I am impressed with how quiet it is. Previously had a 2006 Hyundai Sonata and traded in a 2013 Kia Optima SX turbo. Loved the Sonata and have to say the Kia never let me down due to mechanical faults. However, it had a recall for engines which didn't impress me. Their test was just to listen to the lower engine and give it a pass or fail. A friend with the same vehicle passed the test and a few weeks later the engine seized. Second issue was that rodents found the wiring very tasty. Apparently Soy based insulation to be environmentally friendly. Their first meal at my expense cost me $600 to repair the wiring. The second time they were nesting under the engine cover and had stuffed the space with everything they could chew. Just prior to trading it in I found out there was a pending recall for air bags. That was the final straw.
I had been looking at the Insight since I saw the first pictures from the auto show. It is quite the little tech marvel. My only initial complaint is that there is no sunglasses holder in the roof and for the life of me I have yet to figure out how to bring up the odometer reading. As for power (coming from a car with 274 HP) I have no complaints. Looking forward to following this forum for tips and tricks.
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