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First time hybrid owner

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Hi everyone, my name is Van and I just bought 2019 Honda Insight. This is my first hybrid. Hopefully, it will be as reliable as my 2005 Civic.
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Thanks Andrew, the last 2 tanks I drove slow on freeway (between 55-65 mph) and I used the paddles very often to slow down during traffic time. I will continue with this method and will keep the forum updated.
Hi Van! Welcome! Based on your mpg numbers and freeway driving, I'm assuming you're in a warm climate? Cold weather has been killing everyone's numbers.

Any tips you have as you learn the hybrid ropes are appreciated!

I live in SoCal. For the last 2 weeks the temp. in the early morning was in the high 40s and about mid 70s in mid afternoon. You may be right about the warm weather vs mpg.

On my 3rd tank, I drove mostly in sport mode and and doing between 70 and 85 mph on the freeway. As you can see my mpg dropped significantly from 56.6 to 45 mpg.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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