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The Insight's indirect TPMS didn't raise an alarm until pressure was down to 8psi.
Under U.S. law, the TPMS is required to warn the driver of cars and light trucks when tire pressure is 25 percent above or below the recommended pressure for that vehicle.
Should've alerted you around 26psi going by 25% from 35psi recommended. Perhaps you need to recalibrate the TPMS? Otherwise Honda sold us a vehicle with a TPMS system that doesn't follow federal guidelines. :oops:

Since it wasn't a blowout (tire is ruined anyways), wondering if youcould have felt it and still pulled over without ruining the tire?
If you have a good ear and the object is big enough you should be able to hear that something is not right. The noise would repeat itself as you're driving with each rotation. Plus the sound repeats a lot quicker as you drive faster and vice versa when you slow down.

With electric powered steering you probably wouldn't feel much unless you've a blowout on the highway. I've seen people drive on a flat tire without realizing similar to this youtube video.
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