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Threw out the last of my pneumatic and ICE car tools this weekend. Also properly disposed of my last remaining ICE fluids and other chemicals and sealants. Old spark plug sockets, O2 sensor socket, incandescent bulbs, old car audio stuff, and whatever.

The end of the ICE era. The Insight is my last ice car and I have no intentions of doing any service on it myself... Cept for maybe minor suspension work. I'm done with oil, grease and fluids, and noisy air compressor. There's nothing I hate more than Honda ATF and that super smelly Honda CVT-2 fluid that costs like $12 a quart.

So instead... this weekend was the switch. Ive amassing more and more car detailing stuff in the last year. This weekend was finally to do the switch. Clear out space for the old to get a pressure washer.

Setup a electric pressure washer, foam Cannon, 3.0 mm nozzle set and 1.1 mm orifice for the foam cannon. Next will be to downsize my compressor and get better vacuum equipment. Followed either by water softening equipment or polishing tools.

Here's my first try with some Chemical Guys Mr. Pink. Foam was too thin IMHO. Using a 1:5 dilution ratio.

The next day I went 1:4 dilution ratio, hoping for thicker foam.

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Car

It was definitely thicker but still not shaving cream. For some reason I feel I should thin it to 1:6 and try adjusting the spraying distance. Get a better washer gun too.

I've been trying to sell my pneumatic tools but seemingly no one is interested. Everybody else is probably switching to cordless in their home garage shop as well.
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