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Since I am trading in my 2019 Insight Touring, I am looking to get rid my spare tire and jack kit. This kit is not OEM but I have put it on the car (not driven on) just to be sure I could change the tire (gotta learn sometime!) and it does indeed fit. Brand of the tire itself is KUMHO. This kit comes with the spare tire and steel wheel, foam insert that holds the scissor jack, handle, and lug wrench. This kit comes with the hardware to securely "screw down" the spare tire into the well under the trunk. This spare tire does sit in the well of the trunk leaving enough for the floor to sit flush.

FREE - Please provide funds for shipping via UPS and for packing materials. I will have UPS pack and ship this item.

If you would like more photos or have any questions regarding this spare tire kit, please let me know.

Thank you!
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