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Insight update- For those who are on the fence about purchasing, here is another piece of info for you to ponder. On June 29, 18 my Honda rep. called and said a Touring , in Agean Blue, just came in and still on the truck. Interested? Maybe. I made an offer and they accepted. They prepped it and 4 hours later I drove it home. No test drive. I'm 90 and this is my 80th new and used car purchase, including 4 Hondas, one being the first insight, which was bullet proof. Before retiring ,I worked as a Licensed Professional Quality Engineer for a large Aerospace company for many years. But that doesn't qualify me to be an expert on cars.
On 09/18/2018 my son and I planned a trip from central Fl. to N.C. He is an ex-race car driver. The insight was loaded with about 500 lbs. extra cargo. He drove and about 90% was between 70 and 80 MPH, and some at 90. Round trip was 1325 miles , avg 42.5 MPG. No issues. He is, was ,a Mazda fanatic until this trip and is now going to buy a Touring Insight. He said the Navigation was the best he ever programmed and no hiccups. Last note- Stay away from I-95 in S.C.. Worst in USA. My car aged 5 years going thru that obstacle course.
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