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We'd like to hear from the community! What would YOU like to see and what can we do to keep the forum most useful for you...?

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I think we need a White Insight for the header image... 馃槑

Any feedback for us would be appreciated.

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I would like to see if we could have an area within the forum where we can post items in specific catergories that does NOT enable replies.
Not enabling replies would prevent cluttering the catergory and just allow catergory specific information to be posted.
If members want to post comments or have questions regarding a specific item they can simply create a new thread with the question.

FOR EXAMPLE: Create a catergory for OIL CHANGES where members post items referring to Oil Changes.

Creating a specific catergory for OIL CHANGES would enable members to quickly access specific information relating to an Oil Change such as; Tools, Assessories, Type and Brand of oil etc...

The posting should only include;
  • Brief description or purpose of the item
  • Your review (if have or used before)
  • Name Brand of item
  • Where you purchased it from ie; Amazon, Honda Dealer, Summit Racing, Costco etc..
  • Price of the item
  • A LINK where the item can be purchased
  • Photo for quick reference


I found that it's easier to use a ramp to drive my car up rather than pull a floor jack and stands out just to change my oil.
It works great, sturdy and can be easily stored away in the corner. I purchased the brand RhinoGear and got it on Amazon for $49.99.



Here's a convenient drain pan to use during your oil changes. It's got a large catch opening, can hold 15 qts of oil and ideal for recycling.
It's virtually mess free and you'll probably only need one paper towel if that. I purchased the Lumax LX-1632 on Amazon for $21.75



Today I saw a good deal on Kirkland's 5W-20 Full Synthetic Oil. The SALE is going on from 2/27/21 - 3/7/21 with an $8 mfg savings.
Available at your local Costco wharehouse or order online. 4 Pack of 5 qt jugs for $46.99 after the mfg discount which comes out to $2.34/qt.

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