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Good Housekeeping published their list of "Best New Family Cars for 2020" among 50 makes and models tested. One of their unique criterias for evaluation is real-world assessment of usability for families. It named the Honda Insight as its "Best Hybrid Sedan."

The other winners:
Best Standard Sedan = Honda Accord
Best Luxury Sedan = Genesis G70
Best Electric Sedan = Tesla Model 3
Best Stationwagon = Subaru Outback
Best Minivan = Chrysler Pacifica

Best Compact Standard SUV = Hyundai Venue
Best Compact Luxury SUV = Volvo XC40
Best Standard SUV = Mazda CX-5
Best Midsize Standard SUV = Chevy Blazer
Best Midsize Luxury SUV = Porsche Cayenne
Best Midsize 3-Row SUV = Kia Telluride
Best Midsize 3-Row Luxury SUV = Lincoln Aviator & BMW X7
Best Large Standard SUV = Ford Expedition
Best Electric SUV = Audio E-Tron
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