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Greetings to All Insight Lovers !!

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I've been lurking for awhile and today have signed up to participate in the various discussions.

My wife and I have a long history with Insights. We had a 2006 Insight, the original gen 1 2 seater coupe. The battery started going bad after about 120k, and the new owner replaced it for around $4k, and its still going great. She got lifetime 54.6 mpg commuting 60 highway miles a day!

My previous car was a 2010 gen 2 Insight hatchback. My daughter has it now. Its up to over 110k with no battery or other mechanical problems.

My current car is a 2015 Civic Hybrid. It uses the same, though upgraded, 2 motor system as the gen 1 and gen 2 above. The gen 3 2 motor system is a bit different, and gets better mpg. I looking forward to buying a gen 3 EX early next year.

My goal is to take the Insight MPG CHALLENGE. The challenge is to squeeze-out maximum mpg without making any mechanical modifications. That is; primarily through driving style alone. I invite everyone to take the challenge.

I'm here to learn from others and to share what I have learned
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Welcome. I’ve owned gen 1 Prius, gen 3 Prius wagon, and Rav4 hybrid. Insight gets better mileage than any of them going at 45-50 mph. I managed to get 62.1 mpg on my 35.3 mile drive mostly going at 45-50 mph. My average over 2000 miles so far is 49.9 mpg without using econ mode. Mostly sport mode and normal mode when cruising at a constant speed. Amazing car.


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