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Hello, bought my new Insight EX a couple weeks ago and loving it. My nephew introduced me to the Insight over Christmas when he told me bought one in California (I'm on the East coast). Even though I'm a lifelong Honda owner, with four models in the family right now (and more in extended family), I said "What's an Insight?" I was driving a 2004 Accord LX (and loved it), but ready to treat myself with something a little newer (and with better MPGs). Knowing my nephew does his homework, I started researching the Insight, then test drove several times at the local dealer, went the TrueCar route, used those quotes as leverage locally, got a good deal, and the rest is history.

Still on my first tank of gas, with mostly suburbia/city driving, with some highways miles as well. Taking it easy so far, but with very little effort I'm averaging over 57mpg. Amazing.

Found this site when I was researching and just decided to join. Lots of interesting posts. Looking forward to exploring more.

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I bought mine a few days after Christmas and have been happy with it. My first hybrid and the best looking car Honda makes right now in my opinion. Congrats on the Insight and see you around the forum!

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Welcome to the forum!

The fuel-sipping nature of the Insight is pretty amazing, and it's awesome that you're already beating expected fuel efficiency just two weeks in! I'm sure the car has even more in store for you. It almost makes you forget where the nearest gas station is. ;)

I still can't help but say "WOW" when I see the results at the end of a drive, especially in warm weather. My record drive into work was 92.6 mpg just two weeks ago - with the perfect magical combination of weather, battery charging, traffic flow - and without any 'mode' management. (Cold weather low is 55 mpg, and average is 65 mpg for the same route.)

Cheers on your new EX and more mpg gains to come!
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