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Hondalink browser

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Has anyone had luck finding a way to open the browser or enter developer mode?
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I asked earlier about disabling android restrictions on my 2019 Honda Insight so I can enable the browser. So the browser exists, just need to tinker more and see how it can be enabled for us to use.

So I played with the buttons some more, the combo to access the menu for 2019 Honda models is home+ |<< + power, you then need to hold home for 10 seconds after going to the detail Information Settings menu.

Here are some pics
By the way to enter developer mode you have to tap “build” about 7 times in the about section of the setting.
Good stuff. I clicked through your Imgur library. Did you ever manage to get the browser to work?
Thanks for the info, hopefully we will figure things out!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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