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I picked up a cargo net from the Honda dealer for the 2019 Insight. Having installed one in my 2013 Kia Optima I assumed it would be simple. No, why make it simple. They provide 4 rivnuts to be installed to hold the hooks for the net. To install these rivnuts you require a special rivnut tool (expensive). OK. there is another way I found from searching on the net. Two ways actually. The simplest way first and this is what I did. Never mind that he talks in the video about an older civic. The procedure is identical.

The 2nd method is to make a homemade rivnut tool for less than $2. A good method but I found that it worked just as well using the above method. Anyway, here is how to make the rivnut tool. He was installed to take a grocery hook, but the concept is identical except you need to install 4 rivnuts rather than one like he did.

Hope this helps others. No need to pay the dealer to install. My only complaint is that the net is not very deep and doesn't go to the trunk floor like my Optima did.
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