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Hybrid - More than just a Civic clone 11/22/18

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Since the Insight is similar in dimensions and based upon the same platform as the Civic hybrid, many may wonder why to choose a Honda hybrid under a different name. Not only is its styling a huge step forward for 2019, but it also borrows some sportier cabin design cues from the new Accord.
The third-gen Insight could have easily been just another also-ran hybrid from Honda. But instead the automaker did an impressive job of making this car a premium compact first, and a hybrid second. Without sacrificing the fuel economy that brings buyers to hybrids in the first place. Instead of a penalty box with an electric motor, this is a car that easily justifies its sticker price. A price that puts it startlingly close to parity with the gas car on which it’s based. And the Insight is nicer inside and nicer for your right foot. This is probably the best sedan Honda makes right now, and after the last Insight (and previous Civic Hybrids) that’s an impressive feat.
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Well, the Insight was around many years before a Civic hybrid. Also, since sedans are a diminishing market these days, Honda wants the Insight to be differentiated from other sedan names. (See list out today of all the sedans and factories GM is closing by mid 2019.)
That's an interesting take. The Insight brand can persist even if the Civic brand dies. On the other hand, the Civic is like the #2 compact sedan in the U.S. If it goes down then sedans won't be worth it at any name.

For me I think it gets away from the reliable budget car image that Civic has come to represent. It lets Honda charge a little more and add a little more refinement to the cabin.
I should have read the review before posting before. This may be the clearest rundown I've seen of the differences between the Civic and Insight cabins.

That’s not a bad thing. This car is a hybrid, which means it commands a price premium. Even if it is only about $2,000 for an Insight LX versus a Civic LX CVT with Honda Sensing. Honda has given the nose and tail a much more grown-up appearance to reflect that. The nose looks more Accord than Civic, and the Insight has none of the fake mesh and sharp angles that make the new Civic look, well, a little strange.

It continues on the inside. The first thing you’ll notice when you fire up the Insight is that the dash is the half analog half digital dash from the Accord. Not the Civic’s all-analog overly-sporty dash. The steering wheel looks to be borrowed from the Accord too. Instead of the plastic-fantastic multi-function buttons you’ll find in the Civic, especially the finger-slider volume knob, you’ll see that the Insight has more premium scrolling and moving buttons.

The Civic gets a new infotainment system with a volume knob for 2019, but it’s really just the same guts with a different button. The Insight gets the much nicer and much faster-operating system from, you guessed it, the Accord. Even the Clarity doesn’t get this screen.

Under that new screen is a completely redesigned center console. Forward of the cup holders, that is. The two-tier storage cubby is gone, but in its place is a much more usable single-level space. It has a much better spot to stow your phone, more accessible charge points, and the button-shift frees up some serious real estate compared with the Civic.

Elsewhere, the Insight adds more premium materials. Like leather on the dash in place of fake wood trim. It’s as nicely appointed as lesser trims of Acura’s ILX, with what I’d call a better layout and easier to use infotainment system.
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