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This is big news!

Here are some different links about this.

This is the actual IIHS report — (same link that you posted!) — pretty spiffy tool as one can enter different brands and models and get their ratings!

2019 Honda Insight

Hope that the NHSTA ratings end up comparably superb.

Its stellar ratings have led us to consider it over the Prius, which has some issues. Well, that and the Insight havin familar Honda controls, regular rear view mirror, being a sedan, regular speedometer, driver info panel right in front not to the center, etc. It also looks better! (Have a hard time with the evil grinning front of the Prius and the white plastic bedpan interior. Do prefer its BSM and RCTA however!)

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The 2021 Honda Odyssey earned a IIHS TSP+ rating. Which makes it only the 2nd Honda model to earn the award. Insight still has the better headlights. ;)
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