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Insight 2019 owner since 30 June!

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Picked up my brand spanking new Insight one day after they arrived at dealer. Chose the Touring model because I wanted leather, motorized seats (yeah, pretty silly reason to spend more $$ and get less MPG).
Just as comfortable and a bit quieter than my 2007 Acura TSX (which is still in terrific condition with 200K miles). Insight is the same size as my old TSX - I like that, it gets into smaller parking spaces. It looks great and with gas hitting $4 per gallon in California, I'm so happy to have this.
Owner's manual is a terrible printing job, and not too helpful.
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Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new Insight! Glad to hear that the main complaint thus far is due to a poor copy of the owners manual. Perhaps a pdf can be located online?
dr_glenn, I thought the same thing I had a 2010 TLX and it remember it being about the same size inside and out.
Hey everyone,

Didn't want to make my own thread, but nice to join you all. Picked up the new insight this past Saturday and have been really enjoying it. My previous daily was a 2010 acura TSX, so it looks like a lot of us are coming from similar cars!
I am another person who bought the Insight and liked that the size is similar to our 2004 TSX (243,000 miles). It helped reading the comments from dr_glenn and themadscientist before purchasing the car on Saturday. The car has been great so far.
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