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I remember reading about how to obtain the user manual(s) for the Insight and just realized a slight difference between the Canadian and US way to get them. It seems that in the US you have to email a 3rd party to get them and it usually takes 4-5 weeks where in Canada the salesperson will get them for you if you want them. Back in March when I purchased my Insight I asked for the manuals and I picked them up at the dealer 2 days after taking delivery of the vehicle. I got the full manual and a 123 page manual on the Navigation system as well.


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Interesting difference... thanks for sharing. The link we've been sharing to order printed copy only offers US states in the pull down menu; the Honda Canada FAQ site provides different instruction for ordering printed copy.

The warranty manual is also different between US/CA, with CA also offering reminders on rust prevention and paint protection. However the Owners Guide looks is the same for US/CA. (Kinda makes sense since this gets delivered in every car's glove box?) And the Honda Canada FAQ site also provides a bunch of tips for moving a car between US/CA.

United States (2019 Insight):
US Owner's Site -
US Hard Copies - (Free up to 6 months after purchase. ~5 week fulfillment time.)
US Owners Manual PDF -
US Owners Guide PDF -
US Navigation Manual PDF -
US Warranty Info -

Canada (2019 Insight):
CA Owner's Site -
CA Hard Copies - - "Most recent Owner's Manuals are still available. They can be ordered and purchased for a reasonable cost through the Parts Department of any Honda dealership." (Free up to 60 days after purchase. Some copies immediately available on hand.)
CA Owners Manual PDF -
CA Owners Guide PDF -
CA Navigation Manual PDF -
CA Warranty PDF -
CA/US vehicle transfer -
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