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Hello everyone,

I just became the very proud owner of a 2019 Touring in White Orchid Pearl. I am a chronic leaser, just finished up my second Civic (Had a '14 LX, then a '16 EX w/sensing) and I'm pleased with Honda's low cost leases and high quality vehicles. I considered the HR-V though it just looked dated compared to other models and also I was not impressed with gas mileage. Also, when I test drove the HR-V, the computer wasn't updated so the car was telling me to turn off the car (There really was not problem other than the firmware or whatever not being updated). I wasn't sure I wanted another Civic (the only color I like on them is white).

I saw the Insight and was like..."WOAH!". The dealership gave me the price of 25,300. I also qualified for the 500 college grad rebate on top of that, so I was super impressed with the price. I crammed the night before the test drive and everything I read about the Insight was positive. Plus, I was so happy the car didn't have that attention seeking look of most other hybrids. I just love the look of the car.

I look forward to learning from all of you and I've enjoyed all of the material I have read here, too - Great forum, guys!
-Keith / Milwaukee WI
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