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KBB: Honda Insight Best Resale Value award for 2019 Hybrid Cars - 1/23/19

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How am I supposed to interpret this award when the market for resale has yet to be established? They're still selling new 2019 Insights!

What I want is a study of how the resale value for the winners from 5 years ago looks compared to other cars that didn’t get the award.
Long day I guess. Here's the page:

They claim the Insight will retain 53.7% in resale value over 3 years and 37.7% over 5 years.
This is nice news for the Insight among other hybrids in the category (37.7%). Accord Hybrid 5-yr resale value came in 2nd at 37.5%, Toyota Hybrid came in 3rd at 34.7%

However it seems shockingly low when compared to the full "2019 Top Ten" list across all vehicles, where the 5-yr resale value ranges from 50.0 to 62.2%

I didn't realize that KBB predicts hybrid resale values to be ~half that of the "2019 Top Ten" - of which are trucks and SUVs are the majority listed.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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