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Hi all.

I am fairly late in posting this since I already have a couple of posts in other areas. :)

I started off my Honda ownership with a car I bought just out of college: a 1989 Accord stick. It was a great car. Nothing fancy, but I loved it. I bought it at ~150,000 miles if I recall. It was near 300,000 when I got rear ended in a minor road incident. Since it was so old by then, insurance totaled it, but Dad took it and drove it back and forth to work for at least a year after that before the timing belt snapped and we had to say bye.

Unfortunately I was in grad school during the rear ending and had to get a non-Honda for a few years due to $, or the lack thereof. But first job out of grad school I got a 2007 Civic Hybrid. Very nice car. I got up to 150,000 with a hybrid battery swap as my only major repair. It was still running fine, but one of the sensors at the base of the steering column went wonky and the car steered HARD to the left all the time. An hour each way to work made that a bit scary. I didn't think sinking money into a 12 year old car was wise, so I upgraded to the 2019 Insight EX.

Now I'm back to being glued to the dashboard to learn how to drive this hybrid. It's just different enough from the Civic that I need to learn a new technique. But so far I'm loving it and averaging just shy of 60mpg. And I'm only 1/4 of the way into my 2nd tank of gas (1st that I bought after the fill from the dealer :) ).

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