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Love my car!

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I drive a lot of short, city traffic drives. My mpg is averaging around 40 per trip. And so far I am averaging 40 mpg for all drives. I'm a recovering lead foot. Any tips to improve the mpg? I'm using eco drive and power flow screens when I'm not using my map.

Anybody in so Cal want to start an insight club or know of any?
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Gentle and easy on the accelerations. Drive steadily. Use the regenerative padde shifter on the left back of steerinng wheel when coming up to a stop. This saves on break wear as well as on gasoline. Avoid rapid acceleration if possible.

In town I'm getting 55 mpg easily. On the highway, it's 44-45 in summer and 37-38 in winter. At 11,000 miles after 6 months.
Re: MPG tips... there isn't a specific "MPG tips" section, but a few threads (which you wouldn't think are related) have driving recommendations woven into the discussion if you read through them.

Here are a few to check out and get you started:

Also, when you're on the "New Posts" page, there's also an "Advanced Search" option (on the L side of screen, ~1/3 down from top). Try a search for "MPG" or "Regen" and you'll find some other interesting posts wtih tips.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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