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As some here may know I came from an F-150 v6 ecoboost. I drive 2.5 hours a day just for work, none the less any errands or weekend driving. My wife's 04 ranger is simply for her to putter around down during weekdays if she needs something for the store. Otherwise, my vehicle is the main vehicle 7 days a week.

The commute is due to trying to be responsible economically and personally, we just dont like being in heavily congested urban areas full of multi story apartments. We bought our home in late 2020 right before prices went insane, and saved a lot due to that.

However, because of shall I events, gas prices have exploded. Combine that with a job that while the best career I've ever had, is run by someone who doesn't understand raises should be giving sometime within 4 years to compensate for inflation. And it's been putting a large strain on my wife and I. While I can certainly say we're doing far better than most in America (no cc debt, still make profit at the end of the month etc) for my standards its been constraining. Im used to putting in a certain amount in savings, having certain wiggle room and the majority of which now has been obliterated.

The F-150 was costing us over 500 dollars a month (!) In fuel due to gas prices combined with the larger commute than when we bought it. Combine that with increasing maintenance costs (Fords are not inherently reliable....) and our payment every month, its an insane amount of money (at least for me) to spend on something just to do errands and go to work.

After a nightmare situation which you can read about in my intro thread, where the truck after an accident was improperly fixed, killing its value (still waiting for geico to determine what they owe me for the lost value) I was left with our 2019 Honda Insight EX in orchid pearl white.

While I was happy about it being in near mint condition (one chip on the door which ive addressed, otherwise interior looks like no ones sat in it, exterior is immaculate) I was stressed to see if it would be as economical as the EPA claimed it was. Given we're paying 40 bucks more a month on the loan due to the trucks abysmal resale value courtesy of Geicos idiocy, I needed this to pay off big.

Well, I just filled it up for the first time since we've owned it. Please keep in mind ive gone to the dealer 3 times since we bought it which is 45 min each way. The tank lasted us just shy of 2 weeks. Keep in mind the truck lasted 5 days, resulting in 5 fill ups a month. My truck had a 23 gallon tank, resulting in over 100 dollar fill ups (run until well past the fuel light was on to squeeze out what I could).

I've been getting 65-68mpg since owning it. With the new high score of 68.1 achieved on today's drive home! But I was nervous about the fill up. I pull in woth 3 vehicles already filling up. I figure out how to release the gas door, pay and begin filling. Before the first commercial is even done the gas stops. Way too soon. I thought. Did it stop before it was filled? I didn't watch to chance overfill, so I left it be, bewildered as I looked at a measly total of $33.60.

Started the car....full tank! I was so floored I just started laughing like a loon with my door open, im sure scaring nearby customers. I left wkth the same three customers there still filling up.

This will cut my monthly bill in gas to 500+ to less than 70 dollars! My mind hurts trying to figure out how this car has done hundreds and hundreds of miles on less than 10 gallons of gas.

It's genuinely saved our family and has put us back where we were financially before 2020, instantly. I know there's not many here, and frankly that's a shame. I feel Honda should have advertised this car more as I honestly didn't even know they had moved on past gen 2's styling before I researched it after not being able to bring myself to consider a Prius.

Its a damned fine car, and I'll be driving it until the wheels fall off. Hopefully in another 4 years, as tends to be tradition, a new Insight will debut so I at least know ill have future options. I was nervous I made the wrong move. That I should have kept waiting for my pre-ordered Maverick. Nah. Im set!

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My take: Honda has treated the Insight as a live test bed for stuff they weren't ready to move into their more popular nameplates. It looks like it took them three generations to get to a level of comfort to push the technology to the rest of their platform. I'm guessing the margins on the Insight were razor thin, partly due to low volumes but also to loading on features that typically aren't available at the MSRP for the Insight. More testing and fine tuning, I'm sure.

I'll be surprised to see a Gen 4. I think the Insight has fulfilled its purpose with flying colors as evidenced by the release of hybrids in the rest of the line. It's possible we'll see a next gen Clarity, but it may be that the risk levels of EV and near-EV has dropped to a level where engineering will be tweaking rather than inventing. (I'm overstating the case, but you get my drift...)
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