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My take: Honda has treated the Insight as a live test bed for stuff they weren't ready to move into their more popular nameplates. It looks like it took them three generations to get to a level of comfort to push the technology to the rest of their platform. I'm guessing the margins on the Insight were razor thin, partly due to low volumes but also to loading on features that typically aren't available at the MSRP for the Insight. More testing and fine tuning, I'm sure.

I'll be surprised to see a Gen 4. I think the Insight has fulfilled its purpose with flying colors as evidenced by the release of hybrids in the rest of the line. It's possible we'll see a next gen Clarity, but it may be that the risk levels of EV and near-EV has dropped to a level where engineering will be tweaking rather than inventing. (I'm overstating the case, but you get my drift...)
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