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My mileage indicator - question

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Have a question about my mileage indicator. First look at this photo.

Note that my EX Insight has 5,565 total miles on it. The Ave. Fuel indicator on the dash says 53.5 mpg. Does this mean for the entire 5,565 miles or does it mean just for this particular tank of gas? My driving for the total thus far has been about 70% highway and 30% in town. If this indicator is for the entire 5,565 miles, it's unbelievable in my opinion. If it's just for the tank of gas, it's within the expected EPA range of 55 since almost all of this particular tank has been in town.
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Is it for the 1523 miles since Trip B was last reset? That’s how I interpret it.
I think that's right.
Great mileage by any standard!

2019 Honda Insight EX MPG - Actual MPG from 14 2019 Honda Insight EX owners
I see on Fuelly, many people are exceeding EPA mpg,

The EX average is 52.5 mpg, with people from the extreme of 47 mpg up to 65 mpg.
Be great to see as more people join, only 14 EX models so far.
Is it for the 1523 miles since Trip B was last reset? That’s how I interpret it.
yeah that 53.5 is for the 1523 miles of trip B. I have my trip B never reset and only have trip A reset after each fillip. That way my trip B is the life of the car (all mileage) and trip A would be for mpg of that tank only.
I think that is JUST for your current tank of gas because it shows "Range" of only 200 miles. That's NOT your overall MPG. Its the MPG since Last Fill up.
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