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Navigation issue - compass gone

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Hi everyone, there is a issue about my navigation, on my dashboard, the compass is gone , the navigation system is still working, but I just lose the turn by turn on my dash .it was working before. May be I just mess up the setting , just can’t get it back right now. Is any one know about it ?


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Do you have the information screen set to Gauge Only?
No , the pic is the navigation. It should be have a compass in the middle. But for some reasons, it gone , and I also lost the turn by turn nav on the dash
I did some searching and came up with a similar issue on the Accord forum. Check out this post from page 10
Thank you so much for your information, seems like a software issue .
I don’t use build in nav too much . But kind annoying the new car have problems
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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