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Welcome to the forum! We have the overall forum organized by topic, with threads within each to help navigate. You'll find several of us in the forum (~half?) are new to hybrids as well.

I'd suggest starting with the following two sub-forums, for owner perspectives on driving experience and good/bad findings about the car:
Range, MPGE And Economy
Likes and Dislikes​

Once you're ready for more technical topics, try diving into these sub-forums next:
Features and Equipment (including Honda Sensing)
Charging And Batteries​

Shout if you have any questions, and feel free to join in the open threads/discussions!

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Love cars and have always wanted to see how things work. First Hybrid ever and am interested in any info on just how everything works together and any potential problems I may encounter.
The best way to learn how everything works is to just have fun playing around with the car. When you have some extra time to kill, browse around the forum, and read up on any threads that interest you. If you have something you're curious about but can't find the answer feel free to ask here. Congrats on your new Insight and see you around the forum! :smile:

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Congratulations on your purchase. The EX I purchased is also my first hybrid. Just as others have stated, almost every day I look for a reason to go somewhere just to play with the car and experiment with it. On this forum, you can find out most anything you want to know about your car. You will find lots of good info from others about handling and driving characteristics.

I have had my Insight now for just over two months and on our way home from dining out this evening, my wife made the comment that when I drove up to the front of the restaurant to pick her up, she was blown away by how beautiful the design of car was. My wife usually couldn't care less about a car's appearance and has only seen it, close-up, parked in our carport. She has been a little intimidated by all the technology but is appreciating it more and more.
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