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Hello all,

My wife and I purchased a Honda Insight EX in black.

We live East of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I look forward to sharing our experience with the vehicle and possibly learn a bunch also.

We did alot of reading and watching video reviews before we had come to the decision of this car. We thought that this car was the best fit and most economical for us. We have a heavy hauler that does towing and moving large items so we just needed a small family commuter.

I did consider the Tesla Model 3 and actually had a reservation ready for configuration but we decided to cancel our order. The delta in cost was too high and would take many years before seeing any significant savings. Also having spoken to my mechanic who has serviced a couple said they are very cheaply made for what you pay and a couple owners stated they would not buy again. 馃ぃ You don't hear that alot of Tesla owners are FANBOYS.

Anyways I will reserve judgement on our car when I have more hours behind the seat but definitely happy so far.

There are things I may not like but they are far outweighed by the pros.


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The Honda Insight pretty much has all the essential things you would want in a modern day commuter car without breaking the bank while looking good driving it. Welcome to forums and I look forward to reading about your ownership experience. :smile:

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I don't think you will be disappointed, and yes, don't expect great mileage in the winter. If you run the heater, then the engine needs to be providing the heat. Winter tires also will contribute to reduced mileage. I don't really care myself. I'm a senior and I don't intend to freeze just to get super mileage. I also like to remote start it on these lovely -20 to -30 days since it automatically turns the seat heaters on and attempts to bring the interior temp to 20 Celsius. As for the Tesla Model 3, my son has one. I drove it for about 100 km after he and I picked it up in Toronto. We are both living in Ottawa. It was very quick, actually taking some getting used to. Instant torque. However, given the cost comparison and features, I am very happy with my touring model Insight. Make sure you read the forum articles on floor mats. Don't buy the dealer deep mats. I am using Tuxmat, bought through Costco. Other have gone with Husky or Weathertech. It doesn't matter which you choose as long as they provide the protection you want for our winters (think salt).
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