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Greetings to everyone! So many of you have been really helpful on here and I would like to contribute to the dialogue by offering my far.

I will be take stock of a purchased Insight by this Saturday, July 28. KEYNOTE: I originally went to a dealership two weeks ago who promised an easy swap deal, but I would now be wary of swap managers and their ability to obtain cars from other dealerships. This particular dealership in Northern NJ was unable to make a deal with a separate dealership to get my particular trim and color (stainless steel gray with black interior). There are currently almost no EX stainless steel vehicles in all of northern NJ. If any of you have seen the mocha interior online, I would be super-wary. I asked four other people what they thought of the mocha and we all agreed that it does NOT look good!!!

Anyway, I finally got my deposit back from that first dealership (with the swap manager) and went to another dealership last night. I negotiated my EX, stainless steel exterior, black interior for $26,700 OTD. Unfortunately, I am - admittedly - desperate because my three year lease on a Subaru just expired and so time was not on my side. The dealership refused to waive the VIN etching fee ($399) which ticked me off. However, you all may be interested to know that I was able to negotiate five accessories to be included in this sale: splashguards, all season floor mats, door edge guards, trunk tray and rear bumper protector (metal). Clearly about $600-$700 worth of accessories once installed.

Hope this is helpful for you all...


(northeast tip of NJ)

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I bought my White EX from Joyce Honda in Denville, NJ. I was able to get it OTD for 25K including tax, tags and 4yr registration. That said, your color is more in demand. Considering the accessories you were able to negotiate, it wasn't a bad deal. The window etching is a farce. If you would have gotten up and started to walk out, they would have given in. This was the third Honda I bought from Joyce. Actually, my wife bought our fourth, a 2018 Civic EX, the very next day. Great dealer - no pressure and a great price right up front - the way it should be.
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