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I know 2020 is a special year and I’m not sure if I wanted to include this year as part of my observations but I will since it was pretty busy during pandemic (believe it or not, probably due to less drivers?) and I made my most in a week a few months ago with all the bonuses and ride streaks for Lyft.

Most of you have probably heard of the CA prop 22 that passed recently. I voted No on it but thinking back on it, it’s probably better that it passed as Lyft and Uber were contemplating leaving CA entirely if it didn’t pass (who knows if they would’ve made good on their promise but it would be really bad for CA if they did). I would’ve really liked the benefits that came along with being an employee but it would’ve really screwed up their business model.

Also, recently Uber started doing something called Uber Green, where you will get a low emissions vehicle, basically a hybrid or an electric for $.50 more than UberX. I’ve picked up probably hundreds of people since then and only 3 have used Uber green, and I one of them did it by mistake because he thought it was cheaper and the other just randomly picked it. Only 1 person chose it for its real purpose. With all this talk about climate change going on, I thought it was good timing for Uber to introduce something like this, unfortunately not a lot of people are using it, which saddens me. To be fair, if you use the Uber app, UberX is the first thing that pops up and it’s not prominent on the app because you have to scroll down a bit to get to Uber Green. But it’s still been around for a few months now. I really hope people start to notice it and use it. After all, it’s only $.50 more, although it shows up as a dollar more in the app .it’s technically only $.50 more after you look at your receipt after the ride. Again, this year is special and I think more time needs to pass and we have to return to normalcy. To be honest, last year I think I picked up more smart people based on my conversations and my observations about passengers. Whether or not I can attribute that to Covid, I don’t know because it was my first year doing rideshare. I honestly think the smarter and more aware people will tend to use Uber Green.

I get compliments every now and then about the car, which is nice. I honestly don’t think I would get any compliments if I didn’t do Uber and Lyft. Although I do mainly drive Southern California, if I lived in a place such as Idaho, it would be different possibly.

Finally, I noticed about 30 to 40% of passengers will close the trunk after I have popped it, making me pop it twice. I still don’t understand why.

All in all, I think it’s a great car to do rideshare with as it’s very reliable, good looking, one of the safest vehicles you can purchase, and of course very fuel efficient. This car also qualifies for Uber Comfort, which is a little bit more expensive than UberX but you get a newer and more roomy car. As a side note , I still think the LX trim was best for me as a rideshare driver since I’m a car audio fan, even though I’d love to have a moon roof.
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