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October 2018 Sales Numbers

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As a passenger, I nearly fell over the side while in someone else' car -- shock and awe after seeing a billboard ad for the Insight on the New Jersey Turnpike (southbound, just north of Newark Airport). I just never see anything...other than occasionally that one "meh" TV commercial. (that TV commercial is a good ad, though)

Maybe a few people viewing that ad on the Turnpike will come in as buyers in November??? :smile:
Glad to see that the Inaight's sales were up 281,300%, year over year! ��

You have to scroll down that page to where it lists individual models! They really should left that blank!

8,442 have been sold this year; with 2,140 in October.
Insight actually slightly beat Clarity's numbers this month. Insight sales went up 300 units vs. last month, and Clarity sales went down 100. Clarity still holds a 2:1 sales lead this year.
US sales

Insight October sales 2,140
Toyota Prius October sales 3,772 (down 20%)
Prius V October sales 1 (down 99.9%!)

I think the Insight has the Prius target in sight!
I've been following this link for sales stats:

Honda Insight US car sales figures
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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