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Here are some highlights summarizing NHTSA Campaign #18V664000 for the 'SRS May Become Disabled' Recall:
- # of Affected Insights - 19 vehicles
- Insight Prod'n Dates - 8/23/18 to 8/30/18
- Potential Insight VIN's -

Defect Description - Supplier (Denso) manufacturing records identified a specific production period of SRS units that were affected by improper manufacturing process. The trace pattern for the printed circuit board (PCB) could have sustained damage during the program flashing process. A partially damaged PCB could pass quality testing and be released to market.

Safety Risk - After extensive exposure to high temperature cycling, microfractures could develop in the partially damaged PCB and disrupt the trace pattern connection. The trace pattern disruption can disable certain SRS functionality such as airbag or seatbelt pretensioner deployment, increasing the risk of injury.

The 2019 Insight (19 units), 2019 Odyssey (25 units), and 2019 Ridgeline (74 units) were affected, totaling 118 vehicles. As of 1/13/20:
- Corrective actions have been made on 115 vehicles (97.5%)
- No vehicles were 'unreachable' or removed from service
- 2.5% of notified owners have not yet completed the recall

Summary documents for quick reference:
- Service Bulletin 18-106 -
- Honda Defect Info Report -
- NHTSA Recall Report -
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