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Review Criticisms

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I have watched and read a bunch of reviews, and other than one that just dismissed the Insight as boring -- can't imagine what the guy thought of the Prius -- the main criticisms have been about electronics (if that's the right word) choices that Honda made.

One of them is the addition of engine buzz to the cabin via the speakers when the car is put in Sport mode. Getting performance out of the engine necessitates pushing it up to high RPM, and reviewers have said that the noise can be pretty shrill. Amplifying that would seem nonsensical, except maybe to boy racers, just the demographic likely to stay as far away from this vehicle as they can get.

The other is eliminating blind-spot monitoring and bringing back an old system that shows vehicles in the right lane when the right turn signal is activated. I suppose the latter can be useful, but it could be included as an an option to activate if desired. Why in the world Honda would eliminate blind-spot monitoring from the Honda-sensing suite is beyond me, when the cheapest Mazda 3 has it. That could be a deal-breaker for some folks, maybe for me. If someone from Honda is reading this, I think it would be a good idea to include blind-spot monitoring and retrofit the cars already made.
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I'm more concerned about the buzzing on acceleration which could be a fit/finish issue. Admittedly, only occurs in a corner-case scenario. If you're drag racing an Insight...

Retrofits can be costly things at scale, both in time and schedule. Perhaps a Year 2 replacement. I suspect these reviewers are looking for something to show they are providing a "balanced" review, and picked on the blind-spot camera. We have the right-side camera solution in our Odyssey, and we got used to it (my Lexus IS350, on the other hand, needs Klaxons and road flares to account for a blind spot the size of a small Balkan country).

Style-wise, I agree that boy-racers aren't even looking at the Insight.
It needs Blind Spot detectors back immediately

Hazard for the Insight
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