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Stealthy Fuzz Buster - Hardwired Escort Passport Radar Detector

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So I put this in right after I purchased the car in July and just now getting around to posting it.

I used a Blend Mount kit to attach the radar detector to the rearview mirror stem and hardwired to an unused fuse in the fuse box using a Tap A Fuse. I found the fuse by researching the Civic’s fuse panel as they’re the same for the most part.

I also had to mount the mute button in the most logical place of which you’ll see is right by my right knee. I had to remove some panels and dremel a spot for the mute wire to route through. Not a lot of work, but would definitely would recommend professional installation if you’re not comfortable messing with your new car’s wiring wiring or a slight massaging of the interior panels to make this look as OEM as possible.


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@vblue42 - Ok, you have to tell the story behind the Mute Switch for your Escort Radar. What kind of voodoo did you cook up to get that switch plug in there???

My setup has the Escort Passport on a BlendMount with the SmartCord down by my right knee secured by Heavy Duty 3M Double Sided Adhesive Tape. Hasn't budged in 3 years, but that plug looks super slick!

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